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We are a wind energy company changing the way the world runs on energy. As a Wind Turbine Technician you will work on towers and platforms 260+ feet above the ground. Troubleshoot and diagnose electrical, mechanical and hydraulic malfunctions. Perform scheduled maintenance and general service on the wind turbines. Work with complex wind instructions, procedures and diagrams.  Candidates must have the following qualifications: Ability to read drawings, prints and schematics. Ability to work outdoors in extreme temperatures for extended periods of time from towers and platforms 250+ feet above the ground. If you have a background in one of the following, your skills are highly transferable: Journeyman Electrician, HVAC Technician, Air Force/Military experience in wiring, schematics, electrical and similar trades, Maintenance Mechanic, Wiring Technician. Salary: $16-20/hr depending on experience.

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Wind Power

Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form, such as electricity, using wind turbines. At the end of 2008, worldwide nameplate capacity of wind-powered generators was 120.8 gigawatts.[1] Although wind produces only about 1.5% of worldwide electricity use,[1] it is growing rapidly, having doubled in the three years between 2005 and 2008. In several countries it has achieved relatively high levels of penetration, accounting for approximately 19% of electricity production in Denmark, 10% in Spain and Portugal, and 7% in Germany and the Republic of Ireland in 2008.

Wind energy has historically been used directly to propel sailing ships or converted into mechanical energy for pumping water or grinding grain, but the principal application of wind power today is the generation of electricity. Large scale wind farms are typically connected to the local electric power transmission network, with smaller turbines being used to provide electricity to isolated locations. Utility companies increasingly buy back surplus electricity produced by small domestic turbines. Wind energy as a power source is favoured by many environmentalists as an alternative to fossil fuels, as it is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, and produces lower greenhouse gas emissions, although the construction of wind farms is not universally welcomed due to their visual impact and other effects on the environment. The intermittency of wind seldom creates problems when using wind power to supply a low proportion of total demand. Where wind is to be used for a moderate fraction of demand, additional costs for compensation of intermittency are considered to be modest.[2]  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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